Areas with water contact

Sewage treatment plants, sewage drains, parts of hydro power plants – they all have one thing in common: danger of corrosion of the steel reinforcement due to penetrating water. 

Thanks to the reduction of the penetration depth of water (> 25 %), the considerable reduction of early shrinkage cracks and the increase of the abrasive resistance Fibrofor High Grade improves the quality and increases the lifetime of such constructions.

Sewage plants and drains are specially problematic because they are exposed to aggressive waters. Our fibers are resistant to such fluids. 

Based on a static calculation the conventional steel reinforcement can be replaced either completely or at least substantially by Fibrofor High Grade or Concrix. Especially for sewage drains the combination of both fibers have shown excellent results.

In case of small and narrow rooms (like in underground constructions) the handling problem of the steelmesh and –bars can be eliminated and thus the construction time and -cost can be reduced considerably.

If required our engineers provide a static calculation free of charge, based on the latest standards (Eurocode 2).

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Significant advantages
Cost reduction by eliminating or reducing the steel reinforcement
Lower maintenance costs (corrosion resistance)
Safe and easy handling, less logistic costs
Crack widths mathematically verifiable
Higher abrasion resistance than conventional concrete
Structural calculation in accordance with Eurocode