Industrial floors, outside areas

Over the years millions of squaremeters of floors of production halls, warehouses, shopping centers, parking houses and outside areas have been reinforced with our synthetic high-performance-fibers.

Depending on the requirements two types of fibers are used. For low to medium loads Fibrofor High Grade is recommended, a fibrillated fiber tailor made for such applications, for high loads Fibrofor Diamond is the right choice. Both types of fibers distribute themselves fast and without balling in the concrete and do not stick out of the surface of the floor.

In addition to their function as steel-replacement both fibers imrpove the shrinkage behavior of the concrete. If required our engineers provide a static calculation free of charge, based on the latest standards (Eurocode 2).

Flyer Fibrofor High Grade und Diamond for industrial floors

Significant advantages
Cost reduction by eliminating or reducing the steel reinforcement
Installation time of steel can be eliminated or redcued massively
No costs for pumps since the concrete lorry can unload the concrete where it is needed
Any kind of surface finishing possible (no sticking out fibers)
Easy handling thanks to the low weight
Clearly improved shrinkage behavior
Jointless area possible (up to 1’000 m2)
Low maintenance costs (resistant to salt and aggressive fluids)
Low maintenance costs (resistant to salt and aggressive fluids)Structural calculation in accordance with Eurocode