Based on the requirements either our Fibrofor High Grade or Fibrofor Diamond or Concrix fibers are used for streets, roundabouts, bus stops, farm tracks etc. Also Airports like Strasbourg or Malpensa have decided to use our fiber solution and thus reduced costs massively.

For track substructures our bicomponent fiber Concrix offers decisive advantages. The conventional  steel reinforcement who’s installation can be very timeconsuming can often be replaced completely. In addition the earthing which is necessary to avoid troubles with the electronic of the trains caused by interferences can be eliminated. 

The resistance against  salt – a permanent problem in areas where de-icing salt is used – but also the alkali- and acid-resistance of our fibers guarantee the durability and long lifetime of the fiber-reinforced concrete. This has been proven by extensive tests made  by independent testing institutes. 

The fibers are also not dangerous neither for tires (streets etc.) nor for animals (farm tracks) because in case of fibers sticking out nothing can happen because they are soft. Last but not least deformations like longitudinal ruts can also be avoided.

The best solution for you (cost-benefit wise) will be evaluated by means of a static calculation.

Flyer Fibrofor High Grade und Diamond for industrial floors

Object report roundabout

Object report farm tracks

Object report track underconstruction

Significant advantages
Cost reduction by eliminating or reducing the steel reinforcement
Installation time of steel can be eliminated or redcued massively
Low maintenance costs (resistant to salt water, no wheel ruts
Easy handling thanks to the low transport weight
No ruts thanks to the use of concrete
Structural calculation in accordance with Eurocode