Precast elements

The production (cutting, bending, welding) and installation of the steel reinforcement for precast elements is often expensive and time-consuming. An additional challenge is that the forms of such elements are getting more and more complex. 

The utilization of our Concrix reduces or solves these problems due to the fact that the steel reinforcement can either be minimized or even eliminated. Very often thinner and lighter elements can be made and free forms for architectural use are also possible. 

Rustspots, in architecture a no-go, are not an issue because synthetic fibers cannot corrode.  

Thanks to the high bending tensile strength, the excellent post-crack behavior and the resistance to creeping proven in long-term tests Concrix is the ideal fiber for precast concrete elements. 

If required our engineers provide a static calculation free of charge, based on the latest standards (Eurocode 2).

Flyer Precast element

Object report Design element

Significant advantages
Installation time of steel can be eliminated or redcued massively
Fine elements and free forms are feasible
reinforcement even of the finest edges avoids spalling
No corrosion problems for superior architectural elements
Easy handling thanks to the low weight
High tensile strength and an excellent post-crack behaviour
Resistant to aggressive fluids
Longer service life with minimal maintenance requirements
Structural calculation in accordance with Eurocode