Wet shotcrete for tunnels and mines

As alternative to steelfibers we have developed our worldwide patented bicomponent Macrofiber Concrix together with the EMPA.

Extensive tests prove

  • excellent working capacity according to EFNARC: more than 1000 J with only 4.5 kg Concrix/m3 at 25 mm deformation (depending on the recipe of the concrete)
  • creeping-resistance (long term tested, more than 1500 days)
  • resistante against aggressive waters (de-icing salt, sulfate)

Additional advantages of Concrix are less rebound and thus less fiber and concrete waste and lower disposal cost and also almost no wearing of hoses and nozzles.

Flyer Shotcrete

Significant advantages
Excellent working capacity even at low quantities of fiber
Significantly lower fiber and concrete consumption due to much lower rebound compared to steel fibers
Reduction of working time due to faster wall thickness growth
Preserves machines, hoses and nozzles and thus extends their service life
Safer and easier handling than with steel
No danger of injuries from projecting fibers
No damage to cables, pipes etc. due to any fibers sticking out
Long service life (corrosion resistant, alkali resistant, no creep)