Bi component high performance macrofibers

For over three decades, Brugg Contec AG has concentrated on fiber concrete technology as its core area of competence. They have continuously been incorporating the recent findings from their extensive research to make improvements on their fiber products. Their main products are Fibrofor, Concrix. These products are made to suit the user's requirements and economic criteria. Fibrofor is most preferred because it has different applications ranging from economic to innovative. Fibrofor High Grade is one of the best high performance microfibers. It has been in use across the globe for many years due to its effectiveness in reducing or replacing steel in floors, outside areas, agriculture, streets, walls and foundation slabs.

Its features are of high quality owing to the appropriately choosing the raw materials, an optimum production process, and accurate fibrillation. In addition to this, the structure of the surface is of good quality. Fibrofor Standard is a type of high performance microfibers that is made of the best raw materials and fibrillation is controlled and done regularly. It is mostly used in sub-flooring, for soil reinforcements, in riding courts and sports field. Fibrofor Multi is a multifilament fiber which is suitable for ensuring fire resistance in tunnel construction for example and enhancing the shrinkage elements of concrete. This product can also be used in mortar and in shotcrete. Multifilament fibers should be applied with a lot of care to make sure fiber dispensation is done properly. These microfibers have improved concrete elements such as flexural strength, water absorption, shrinkage properties, resistance to wear and fire, impact, frost-thaw-salt and sulphate resistance. The products are also environmental friendly since they are made of pure polyolefins. In case of fire outbreak, the gases emitted are not toxic which makes Fibrofor safe for use.