Brugg Contec AG

Our extensive know-how about the use of synthetic fibers dates back to the 70s of the last century when the company Arnheiter AG (Forta Seilwerke) which later became a part of the Brugg Group got a patent for “Fibrous reinforcing means for cementiously bound composite structures and coatings”. 

At the beginning these fibers were used only for optimizing the shrinkage behavior of the concrete, but over the years the technology has been further improved. The fibers available today are able to either reduce or completely replace the conventional reinforcement, always based on static calculations according to the latest standards and regulations.

2010 the fiber-know-how was transferred to Brugg Contec which has been founded especially for the further development, production and selling of high-performance-fibers.

Our philosophy:
Synthetic fibers wherever possible,
Steel reinforcement whenever absolutely necessary.