In cooperation with the EMPA we have developed the unique bicomponent, embossed synthetic Macrofiber Concrix. The high E-modulus of the core guarantees the highest strength and the special, structured shell ensures excellent anchoring in the concrete.  

Concrix is used as primary reinforcement and increases the impact resistance of the concrete. The way the fibers are delivered (as bundles) guarantees a fast, three dimensional even distribution in the concrete during the mixing process and avoids fiber balls. In addition extensive tests prove the resistance of Concrix against aggressive waters and creeping (long term tested for more than 4 years)!

Based on project-specific data our engineers prepare a static calculation according to latest standards (Eurocode). 

Datasheet Concrix ES

Datasheet Concrix HS 35

Instruction sheet Concrix

Tunnels and Mines
Precast elements
Industrial floors with very high loads
Track substructures
Areas with water contact
Concrete pavements