Fibrofor Diamond

To replace the conventional steel-reinforcement or at least reduce it to a minimum even in floors with very high loads we developed Fibrofor Diamond. 

Fibrofor Diamond is a high-performance monofiber for the primary concrete reinforcement. Its geometry and finishing guarantee a fast and even distribution in the concrete and the uniquely high number of fibers provide a three dimensional reinforcement. 

The dosage goes from 2 – 3 kg per m3 concrete, depends on the application and the requirements, and is determined by means of a static calculation

Datasheet Fibrofor Diamond

Instruction sheet Fibrofor Diamond

Productionhalls and warehouses
Shopping malls, car parks and parking facilities
Any kind of outside areas
Traffic areas / Roads
Agricultural buildings
Water impermeable concrete etc.
Jointless construction up to 1000 m2 partial surface