Fibrofor High Grade

Our high-performance fiber Fibrofor High Grade comprises more than 30 years of development and know-how.

The reasons for its outstanding quality are premium-quality raw-materials, the sophisticated production process, the exact fibrillation (which is important for the fast and even distribution in the concrete during the mixing process) and the specially treated surface responsible for the anchorage in the concrete. 

Because of all these features 1 kg of Fibrofor High Grade per m3 concrete is able to replace between 20 and 25 kg of steelfibers or up to 40 kg of conventional steel reinforcement. 

Based on a project-specific static calculation according to latest standards (Eurocode) our engineers determine whether the steel can be replaced completely or if not how much can be replaced.

Brochure Fibrofor High Grade

Datasheet Fibrofor High Grade

Instruction sheet Fibrofor High Grade

Productionhalls and warehouses
Shopping malls, Car parks and parking facilities
Any kind of outside areas
Traffic areas, roads
Agricultural buildings
Water impermeable concrete
Jointless construction up to 1000 m2 partial surface